Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thing #1

I managed to get registered at the last minute but because of a new full-time job have not been able to get back to actually post on the blog. Now, of course, I have to recreate my memory of the experience. But I will persevere.

I have been valiantly trying to keep up with the technology of the day, but being very naive about these sorts of things has led to my only having so-s0 success. I cringe when I hear the word update since I most likely have just figured out the last version. I have tried to seek information online only to become lost in the techno-speak. 23 Things on a Stick seems to be a perfect way to learn about all these things. So I begin...

Even though the directions to get set up may seem simple to those in the know, they can be confusing to the newbie. Especially since I really didn't understand what I was attempting to set up, being sent to all sorts of different websites made it easy to get lost. I found I needed a zillion windows open (now I know about the tab system which would have helped immensely). Once or twice the wording of a button was different too, but I guessed wisely and reached my destination. It is typical that to learn new computer functions you have to get set up to then learn how to set up, a cart before the horse sort of thing. Experienced people intrinsically/intuitively know some things that are not obvious to the rest of us.

So, now that I am set up I will bravely move foreward and see how much of this I can understand and absorb. For now the blogspot will be pretty plain but I hope to get to play with it a bit to learn how to cusomize it to my liking.